At Triumphant Transition Partners,
We Do Things Differently.

More Than Your Average Brokerage

Triumphant Transition Partners is a full-service, national mergers and acquisitions advisory firm representing sellers and groups with the successful transition of their business. We support our clients throughout the transition process — from our initial consultation, discovery, and complete underwriting to engaging multiple qualified and pre-screened premium buyers, complete negotiations, to deal completion.

Our team is committed to doing things differently. While most transition advisors offer a limited sell-side advisory experience, our team provides insight into both the buy-side and sell-side. This allows us to provide our clients with a unique perspective and comprehensive understanding of healthcare practice transitions.

Additionally, most brokerages are strictly transactional, but we take pride in being relational. We understand this is your life’s work, legacy, and one of the most significant decisions you will make, so we handle each transition like our own.


Our Services

Sell-Side Advising

We represent healthcare practitioners and groups throughout the sale of their practice. Our experience, TTP’s metrics formula, and proven systems include an initial call to discuss your goals, onboarding with our team of certified healthcare public accountants, a high-demand auctioning process, and negotiating unparalleled deal terms. 

Once we agree on an LOI that best fits your needs, we work with the lender or buying partner on all due diligence aspects, communicate with the landlord or seller on lease terms, and coordinate with your CPA and attorney — to help you through each step, from onboarding to funding. We work with many organized healthcare groups looking to expand their national and global footprint.

DSO Transitions

At Triumphant, we guide and support dental practitioners in partnership with organized dental groups. We know this is a difficult decision, but here at TTP, we look at this as a 100-year decision. Triumphant represents your best interests only, while buyers solely represent theirs. With experience in the DSO space, we know the necessary metrics to maximize our client’s return.

VSO Transitions

Comparable to our DSO transition services, TTP has extensive experience in the practice valuation, discovery, negotiation, and funding of veterinary practitioners. Veterinary is an exciting space to be a practitioner. Our team offers excellent partnership options, and we help support our clients throughout this challenging process. 

MSO Transitions

In addition to our vast experience within the DSO transition and VSO transition spaces, our team is also well-versed in working with MSOs. We provide guidance for professionals looking to partner with organized medical groups and support our clients throughout the MSO transition process.

Build to Sell

Our team of experienced advisors take the time to evaluate every aspect of your business through our proven and extensive discovery process and TTP metrics formula. Additionally, our healthcare-specific CPAs will guide you through the financial process, ensuring the most competitive and lucrative outcome for our clients. 

Doctor-to-Doctor Transition

At TTP, we handle every aspect of the doctor-to-doctor transition process, including initial discovery, healthcare-specific CPA underwriting, marketing to our pre-screened and pre-approved private buyer network, reviewing offers, negotiating deals, and handling the entire closing process. 

Real Estate Disposition

If you’re looking to sell or lease your building(s) to a new owner or tenant, our team of experienced and licensed advisors can help. We thoroughly evaluate our clients’ commercial real estate properties using a proven system that allows us to know the true ‘market’ value and negotiate premium prices – all with the goal of building long-term wealth. 

Practice Valuations

A thorough and accurate practice valuation is critical to the overall success of your practice’s sale.  Our team of healthcare-specific CPAs will work with you in acquiring all the necessary reports and financials to provide an accurate overview of where you stand in today’s marketplace. This allows our team to review all your best options and determine the right path forward, ensuring your practice receives the highest value.

Seller Representation

With extensive experience on both the sell-side and buy-side of dental practices and veterinary practice transitions, we are uniquely equipped to serve you. If you’re looking for seller representation, our team of trusted advisors is here to help you make the best decision possible. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

We consult organized healthcare groups aiming to scale or sell to Private Equity Firms. Though this can be an extensive and rigorous process, TTP has a seamless system to maximize our client’s results at every step. From assessment and preliminary review, negotiation and letter of intent, and due diligence, to closing and post-closure integration, our team is with you through every step of the process. 


A Deeper Look at Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions in healthcare represent significant business opportunities. Mergers and acquisitions can produce rapid growth and create a notable authority footprint in the healthcare business marketplace. At Triumphant Transition Partners, we help our clients expeditiously build equity by structuring the perfect fit and building a transition for maximum impact and value.

What is a merger?

A merger is where two organizations join to create one legal entity – and dental practice mergers and veterinary practice mergers are similar yet different. Knowing the hidden risks and unseen benefits of both is where experience helps lead the way.

Doctor-to-doctor transition and healthcare private equity are focused on both regional and national strategic growth. Portfolio realignment and building additional core services in these markets are at the forefront.

When is it best to select a merger, and when is it best to structure an acquisition?

It depends. With our many years of sell-side and prior buy-side advisory experience, coupled with your unique business goals, we look at all the options to see what best suits your current and future goals.

What are some of the benefits of a merger?

  • Build market share rapidly
  • Reduce cost by sharing expenses
  • Streamline staffing needs
  • Reduction of corporate overhead
  • Unified and optimized standard of patient care
  • Unified brand strategies

What are the benefits of a healthcare acquisition transition?

  • Increased membership
  • Expanded patient base
  • Capture more of the market
  • Rapidly expanded geographical presence
  • Potential new service offerings
  • Reduction of operating costs with consolidation
  • Acquisition of existing equipment
  • Acquisition of qualified personnel

How can a healthcare business acquisition help my practice?

Healthcare business acquisitions are a profitable way to build a rapid and strong market presence. Acquisitions can build a single silo of healthcare business, such as dental or veterinary practice acquisitions, or multiple silos, such as building sizeable multipurpose healthcare network business entities.

Each healthcare transition client is different, with different goals and different dreams. At Triumphant Transition Partners, we get to know you, your group, your vision and treat your transition and goals like our own. Many of our clients say they wished they had come to us sooner because we make the complex acquisition process easy and painless.

Whether it is a Dental DSO/DPO, a doctor-to-doctor transition, or a veterinary VSO transition, the team at Triumphant Transition Partners is with you every step of the way.

How do you know what’s the best for your healthcare business transition?

As a sell-side advisor, with extensive prior experience on the buy-side Triumphant Transition Partners brings unique experience to complex transactions and will help guide the best outcome of every transaction.