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Triumphant Transition Partners is a national, full-service, mergers and acquisitions advisory firm representing sellers, buyers, and groups with the successful transition of their business. We support our clients throughout the transition process — from our initial consultation, discovery, and complete underwriting to engaging multiple qualified and pre-screened buyers, full negotiations, and deal completion with funding.

While Most Brokerages Are Strictly Transactional, We Take Pride In Being Relational.

While most brokerages are strictly transactional, we take pride in being relational. We understand this is your life’s work, legacy, and one of the most significant decisions you will make, so we handle each transition like our own.

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About Us

About Triumphant Transition Partners

Nate Thompson is a Healthcare Practice Advisor and a Practice Valuation Analyst with experience on both the buying and selling sides of practice transitions. He works closely with dentists, veterinarians, dental support organizations, large veterinary groups, private equity firms, and investors with dental practice acquisitions, mergers, buy-ins, and dispositions.

With over 50+ years of combined experience, Triumphant Transition Partners has insight into the inner workings of healthcare practices, including dental and veterinary care contracting, operational & financial management, strategic planning, and growth strategies. Additionally, Nate’s background at one of the country’s largest buy-side organized dental groups and with the country’s most prominent sell-side transition firms is invaluable for clients at any transition stage.

The Triumphant Transition Partners team is also bilingual and fully fluent in Spanish.

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What We Do

Triumphant Transition Partners has insight into the inner workings of healthcare practices.

Sell-Side Advising

We represent healthcare practitioners and groups throughout the sale of their practice. Our experience, metrics, and proven systems include an initial call to discuss your goals, onboarding with our team of certified public accountants, a high-demand auctioning process, and negotiating unparalleled deal terms.

Once we agree on an LOI that best fits your needs, we work with the lender or buying partner on all due diligence aspects, communicate with the landlord or seller on lease terms, and coordinate with your CPA and attorney — to help you through each step, from onboarding to funding. We work with many organized healthcare groups looking to expand their national footprint.

DSO Transitions

At TTP, we guide and support dental practitioners in partnership with organized dental groups. We know this is a difficult decision, but here at TTP, we look at this as a 100-year decision. Triumphant represents your best interests only, while buyers solely represent theirs. With experience in the DSO space, we know the necessary metrics to maximize our client’s return.

Now is an excellent time to begin the conversations on what a potential partnership could look like for you.

Buy-Side Advising

We represent healthcare practitioners and groups with the valuing of practice(s) they have an interest in purchasing or partnering with. We go through an extensive underwriting process with our certified CPAs and negotiate the best deal terms on your behalf. Making the right purchase could save you thousands — even millions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We consult organized healthcare groups aiming to scale or sell to Private Equity Firms. Though this can be an extensive and rigorous process, TTP has a seamless system to maximize our client’s results at every step.

VSO Transitions

Similar to our DSO transition services, TTP has extensive experience in the valuation, discovery, negotiation, and funding of veterinary practitioners. Veterinary is an exciting space to be a practitioner. There are great partnership options, and we help support our clients throughout this challenging process.

Our Process

Sell Your Practice in 5 Simple Steps

From the initial discovery phase all the way through to diligence and closing, the Triumphant Transition Partners team is with you for every step of the sales process.



  • We plan a meeting to learn about your ‘why’ and aspirations
  • We do an overview of your practice(s) financials, practice(s) reports, and your overall practice(s) health to understand where you stand in the market today
  • We will then discuss all your options, and if now is the best time, or we custom-tailor a plan specific to your goals and needs
  • We do a follow-up consultation to review our findings and proceed accordingly

Why Triumphant
Transition Partners?

To truly understand your client’s needs, you must be more than transactional; you need strong communication, transparency, knowledge, experience, and relationships.

Our focus on close client relationships ensures that you and your practice are well taken care of throughout the transition process and that you are genuinely advised on what matters to you. As one of the few full-service brokerages with both sell-side and buy-side experience, our vast network and valuable insight help you secure first-rate terms for your practice, team, patients, and family.

Nate Thompson got the job done! I was selling our family’s dental practice after 30 years in business and was with another broker team for over a year with no sale. I decided to contact Nate for help! Nate not only sold our practice in 1 month, but he matched our family business with the perfect dentist. Nate knew I would be staying on as the hygienist and that our patients were more like family after 30 years, so he wanted to find the perfect match for both parties. And he did! The entire process was seamless and joyful, and I recommend Nate and his team 100%. Thanks, Nate, for everything!!

– DeAnn Wood

“I highly recommend Nate Thompson to any dentist buying, selling, or transitioning their practice! He made the whole process extremely simple for my customers during a very important and exciting time in their careers. Every customer has been very happy with their outcome!”

– Bri Berzsenyi