We Identify
Your “Why”

Triumphant Transition Partners is a national advisory firm representing sellers and groups with the successful transition of their business. We support our clients throughout the transition process — from our initial consultation, discovery, and complete underwriting to engaging multiple qualified and pre-screened buyers, full negotiations, and deal completion with funding.

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While Most Veterinary & Dental Practice Brokers Are Strictly Transactional, We Take Pride In Being Relational.

As dental office brokers, we redefine the approach to dental practice transitions. Unlike many brokerages that operate strictly on a transactional basis, we take immense pride in fostering strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. We comprehend that your dental practice represents a lifetime of dedication, a legacy, and one of the most pivotal decisions you will ever undertake. That’s why we approach each transition with the utmost care and dedication, treating your practice as if it were our very own.

Our Relational Approach to Veterinary
& Dental Practice Brokers:

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every dental practice is unique, and your needs are distinct. Our relational approach allows us to tailor our services to align perfectly with your specific requirements and goals.

Personalized Guidance

We provide you with personalized guidance throughout the entire transition process. From valuation to negotiation and closing, our dedicated team ensures that you receive the attention and support you deserve.

Transparent Communication

Building strong relationships begins with transparent communication. We keep you informed and involved at every step, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the process.

Legacy Preservation

We appreciate the significance of your dental practice as a legacy. Our commitment is not just to facilitate a transaction but to safeguard the legacy you’ve built over the years.

Your Trusted Partner in Dental Practice Transitions

Our relational approach sets us apart as your trusted partner in dental practice transitions. Whether you are considering selling your practice, expanding, or seeking the ideal practice to purchase, we are here to guide you through this critical decision-making process.

With our team’s expertise and dedication, you can embark on your practice transition journey with confidence, knowing that you have a partner who truly values your legacy and the significance of this milestone in your professional life.

Join hands with our Dental Office Brokerage and experience the difference of a relational approach that prioritizes your unique needs and aspirations. Together, we can shape the future of your dental practice, ensuring a seamless transition and a lasting legacy.

About Us

About Triumphant Transition Partners

Nate Thompson is a Healthcare Practice Advisor and a Practice Valuation Analyst with experience on both the buying and selling sides of practice transitions. He works closely with dentists, veterinarians, dental support organizations, large veterinary groups, private equity firms, and investors with dental practice acquisitions, mergers, and dispositions.

With over 50+ years of combined experience, Triumphant Transition Partners has insight into the inner workings of healthcare practices, including med spa, dental, and veterinary care contracting, operational & financial management, strategic planning, and growth strategies. Additionally, Nate’s background at one of the country’s largest buy-side organized dental groups and with the country’s most prominent sell-side transition firms is invaluable for clients at any transition stage.

The Triumphant Transition Partners team is also bilingual and fully fluent in Spanish.

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What We Do

Triumphant Transition Partners has insight into the inner workings of healthcare practices.

Sell-Side Advising

We represent healthcare practitioners and groups throughout the sale of their practice. Our experience, metrics, and proven systems include an initial call to discuss your goals, onboarding with our team of certified public accountants, a high-demand auctioning process, and negotiating unparalleled deal terms.

Once we agree on an LOI that best fits your needs, we work with the lender or buying partner on all due diligence aspects, communicate with the landlord or seller on lease terms, and coordinate with your CPA and attorney — to help you through each step, from onboarding to funding. We work with many organized healthcare groups looking to expand their national footprint.

DSO Transitions

At TTP, we guide and support dental practitioners in partnership with organized dental groups. We know this is a difficult decision, but here at TTP, we look at this as a 100-year decision. Triumphant represents your best interests only, while buyers solely represent theirs. With experience in the DSO space, we know the necessary metrics to maximize our client’s return.

Now is an excellent time to begin the conversations on what a potential partnership could look like for you.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We consult organized healthcare groups aiming to scale or sell to Private Equity Firms. Though this can be an extensive and rigorous process, TTP has a seamless system to maximize our client’s results at every step.

VSO Transitions

Similar to our DSO transition services, TTP has extensive experience in the valuation, discovery, negotiation, and funding of veterinary practitioners. Veterinary is an exciting space to be a practitioner. There are great partnership options, and we help support our clients throughout this challenging process.

MSO Transitions

In addition to our vast experience within the DSO transition and VSO transition spaces, our team is also well-versed in working with MSOs. We provide guidance for professionals looking to partner with organized medical groups and support our clients throughout the MSO transition process.

Our Process

Sell Your Practice in 5 Simple Steps

From the initial discovery phase all the way through to diligence and closing, the Triumphant Transition Partners team is with you for every step of the sales process.



  • We plan a meeting to learn about your ‘why’ and aspirations
  • We do an overview of your practice(s) financials, practice(s) reports, and your overall practice(s) health to understand where you stand in the market today
  • We will then discuss all your options, and if now is the best time, or we custom-tailor a plan specific to your goals and needs
  • We do a follow-up consultation to review our findings and proceed accordingly

Why Triumphant
Transition Partners?

To truly understand your client’s needs, you must be more than transactional; you need strong communication, transparency, knowledge, experience, and relationships.

Our focus on close client relationships ensures that you and your practice are well taken care of throughout the transition process and that you are genuinely advised on what matters to you. With our vast network and valuable insight, we can help you secure first-rate terms for your practice, team, patients, and family.

The team here is wonderful. They care, are helpful beyond my expectations, and most importantly, matched me with the right partner for my situation. They worked tirelessly through the entire process. You will not regret working with them.

– Shilo Annis

I’m not sure I have enough positive adjectives to use for Nate Thompson. Professional. Reliable. Thorough. And most of all, caring and authentic. It has been an exhausting, emotional roller coaster, and I can’t even imagine what it could have been like without Nate AND his team in my corner. Carlo, you were amazing! Thank you, gentlemen, for all you have done.

– Brad B.

Nate Thompson got the job done! I was selling our family’s dental practice after 30 years in business and was with another broker team for over a year with no sale. I decided to contact Nate for help! Nate not only sold our practice in 1 month, but he matched our family business with the perfect dentist. Nate knew I would be staying on as the hygienist and that our patients were more like family after 30 years, so he wanted to find the perfect match for both parties. And he did! The entire process was seamless and joyful, and I recommend Nate and his team 100%. Thanks, Nate, for everything!!

– DeAnn W.

“I highly recommend Nate Thompson to any dentist selling and transitioning their practice! He made the whole process extremely simple for my customers during a very important and exciting time in their careers. Every customer has been very happy with their outcome!”

– Bri B.

Nate and his team represented us well and worked hard to give us the best options for evaluating the different DSO’s.

– Robert A.

“I highly recommend Nate Thompson and Triumphant Transition Partners. They helped walk us through our multiple offer process and ensured we received the highest valuation and their expertise was uncanny. We highly recommend TTP and their comprehensive team.”

– Matt G.

I worked with Carlo for the transition of my dental practice. The whole process was very smooth, and they for sure got everything covered. I would recommend them to my professional colleagues.

– Kevin L.

I had the pleasure of working with Nate just over a year ago as we transitioned our practice. Can’t say enough great things about Nate, his attention to detail, availability, character, and just all around trustworthiness. He was able to guide us through the process, which went seamlessly, and I would highly recommend him to anyone else looking to buy or sell.

– Josh G.

Recent Transactions

Dallas/Ft. Worth

We are thrilled to announce another triumphant transition: Dr. Sonya Reddy of Smileup Dentistry is transitioning her practice to Dr. Diana Lopez. What excites us about this deal is that besides the continued patient care; from the day Dr. Reddy enlisted our firm until funding, it only took 60 days total. That includes discovering, gathering pertinent information/documents, underwriting, procuring a buyer, LOI, lease reassignment, agreed-upon agreements, and funding.

Thank you for entrusting your practice to us, Dr. Reddy, and congratulations to Dr. Lopez.

Houston, TX

We’re excited to announce the successful partnership between our client, Dr. Barry Heaton, in Houston, TX, and Dentive, a doctor-centric DSO group.

After careful consideration and receiving multiple bids, Dentive emerged as the ideal match. During due diligence, Dr. Heaton’s Perio practice experienced record production months, and we secured additional cash in the hundreds of thousands in true-up.

Greater Kansas City, MO

We are thrilled to announce the partnership with our client Dr. R and Apex Dental Partners as they enter the greater Kansas City, MO market and continue expanding their footprint.

We cannot thank Apex Dental Partners enough. They were aligned and dedicated to the entire process from start to finish, which shows the value they bring to all their partners. It was an absolute pleasure, and congratulations to our client for ensuring his patients, team, and family have the best clinical support and perfect exit strategy when that time comes down the road. Both our client and Apex shared the same philosophies in total patient care and excellence.

Nashville, TN

We are excited to announce the affiliation between an iconic multi-doc general practice in Nashville, TN, and United Dental Corporation. Our clients fielded 10 LOIs, and we were able to choose the perfect match and the right terms. Our clients received over 200% of collections.

Good luck to Dr. Robert Ammarell and Dr. Matt Gorham on your Triumphant DSO affiliation.

Dallas, TX

We are thrilled to announce the affiliation between the standard of General Practices in the Dallas Metroplex and are excited for the Bayside of Rowlett’s partnership with Squire Dental DSO.

Dr. Brad Boeke fielded multiple offers and received over a 7.5x for his multi-doc and multi-million dollar practice. Best of luck to you, Dr. Boeke. It was a pleasure advising you throughout this competitive process and a Triumphant day for all parties involved.

Miami, FL

Another successful DSO affiliation with our client, Dr. David DelCastillo, in Miami, FL, and Star Dental Partners.

We received multiple bids, and Star Dental Partners was the best fit for our client with their doctor-centric approach. This was a triumphant partnership, and our client received a 40% higher offer when he hired us to advise them than he had when represented by another brokerage. We are excited about this Triumphant DSO partnership. Good luck, Dr. Del Castillo.

Breakwater, ME; Tory Hills, ME; Mountain View, ME

We are thrilled to announce another Triumphant DSO transition with our client, Dr. Shilo Annis, and his 3 locations, Breakwater, Tory Hills, and Mountain View Dental in Maine with Straine Dental Management.

After considering multiple options,  SDM was the best choice because of its experience and long success periods over the last 30+ years.

It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with you, Dr. Annis, SDM, and the exceptional team at Healthstream Ventures. Your invaluable contributions and unwavering support were instrumental in making this transition a success. Thanks to our collective efforts and collaboration, we were able to close this transition at a great pace, resulting in a favorable outcome for all parties involved.

We were able to negotiate upside in additional offices and received over 200% of collections. This was another Triumphant success.