Houston, TX

General Practice

This is an excellent opportunity to affiliate with the premier general practice in the desirable greater Houston market, which also has a strong ortho and pedo patient base. This 100% FFS practice boasts an EBITDA of $482k+, collections of $2.9MM+, 3,403 active patients, and 60 new patients per month. With a robust hygiene department, comprehensive cosmetic services, and surrounded by residential neighborhoods, this is a significant opportunity to partner with a practice that still has tons of room to grow. With 7+ OPs, Ortho/Pedo bays, and real estate available, this is an excellent opportunity for a DSO to expand its footprint in a major metro.

General Information

Collections: $2.9MM+

EBITDA: $482,000 +

Patients: 3,403

Real Estate Available

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