Houston, TX

Orthodontist Practices

This is one of Houston’s premier FFS/PPO Orthodontist practices. These 2 location and multi-doc practices boast collections of over $2.85+MM and EBITDA of over $524,000+. Located in desirable areas, surrounded by residences in an affluent suburb, these modern, high-tech orthodontist practices see 109 new patients monthly and over 7,600 active patients. The practices are robust with CBCT, digital lab, digital scanners, sensors, monitors in every room, and more. For more information, please get in touch with our team at info@triumphanttransitionpartners.com or call our Austin office at 512-924-8808. 

General Information

Collections: Over $2.85+MM

EBITDA: Over $524,000+

Starts: 400+

Patients: 109 New Patients Monthly And Over 7,600 Active Patients

No. of Operatories: 17

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