5 Ways Dentists Can Free Up Time

If you’re a dentist, you are probably always asking yourself how you can save time when practicing. It’s an important question; many dentists find themselves inundated with patient work, administrative upkeep, business strategy, and a slew of other job responsibilities. The consequences of these time constraints can be massive. If you can’t free up time to focus on what you most want to do, your career satisfaction will take a hit. 

If you’re struggling with finding free time as a dentist, rest assured that you are not the only one struggling. Read on to learn more about how to free up more time!

Reduce Administrative Upkeep

You went to dental school because you loved dentistry and wanted to care for your patients’ dental health. That’s a very admirable goal. However, if you’re in private practice, you likely spend much of your time tending to the non-dentistry portion of your dental practice. Hiring, purchasing supplies, balancing the books, marketing, and other administrative tasks likely take up a significant chunk of your time. These tasks are crucial to the operation of your practice, but many dentists are unprepared to tackle these tasks. As a result, they find their time spent on administrative duties. 

These administrative duties are critical to running the practice, but they’ll eat away at your nights and weekends if you aren’t careful. These additional duties are a major contributing factor to the  high burnout rates among dentists today. By some estimates, 50% of dentists struggle with burnout. 

Hire & Train The Right People

If you’ve ever been on a sports team, you likely already know just how crucial collaboration can be. One team excelling can make another team that much more efficient. A great support staff can make you more impactful, much like how you had your best JV football games when your offensive line played well. 

However, the right dental assistants, front staff, and practice managers don’t just pop into existence. You’ll need to find and hire them, or if you can’t find and hire the A team, train up your current staff to grow into the support staff you need. That may require extra work, but it’s worth it. A good support staff can revolutionize your practice and improve your career satisfaction. 

Focus On What Matters

This is an excellent rule for anyone struggling to keep their to-do list manageable. As a dentist in private practice, your responsibilities are myriad. You likely are a high performer, and it can be tempting to “do it all,” but if you aren’t careful, you can find yourself sinking valuable time into things you don’t particularly like or need to do. 

Prioritizing patient care when you have other duties as a small business owner can be difficult. You might want to spend more time with patients but still need to pay bills, order supplies, and deal with staffing, marketing, and tech problems. Finding the right balance as a dentist/small business owner can be challenging, but it is possible. See our next bullet point for more! 

Clean-Up Processes 

A good business process adds structure to your day and helps keep the practice staff and business goals on track. A poorly designed business process adds unnecessary work and might increase the odds of burnout for you and your team.

Consequently, you must evaluate your current processes and see where to optimize. Minor tweaks to your patient reminder process or procurement orders can significantly impact the time needed to run your practice. 

Consider the impact of increasing your patient retention rate. Let’s say you retain 60% of all first-time patients as repeat patients. Increasing that retention rate to 80% has a massive impact on your bottom line and overall profitability, and changes in how you do patient outreach via text and email could help drive that sort of increase. Likewise, increasing the percentage of time spent on a type of patient you like treating could help increase practice collections without increasing the amount of operational effort. Minor tweaks to processes can help get you there, but you need to find the right process consultant to help you make those changes. 

Partner With A Dental Support Organization

If you’re a dentist looking to be more efficient, partnering with a dental support organization might be a great call. These organizations are specifically suited to aid in the management and operational improvement of a dental practice, so many dentists partner with these organizations to do just that. After all, you’re a dentist and an expert in clinical care. 

However, you’re likely not an expert in business management, and even if you were, you still need to focus on your patient base. A well-vetted dental support organization will provide additional resources, proven methods of improving your practice, and access to a larger organization. 

The right dental support organization can help you with…

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Hiring & Staffing
  • Procurement
  • Continuing Education
  • Marketing & Practice Growth
  • Compliance & Regulation
  • Process Innovation 
  • & More

However, it is worth stressing one word: right. The right dental support organization can be a partner who helps you increase your profitability and get time back. The wrong dental support organization could actually decrease your work satisfaction. Many dentists sign on with dental support organizations and are shocked when they realize their control over practice decision-making is changed with a new partner. Others cannot sell their practice at the best possible price or struggle to achieve mutually beneficial terms in the closing process with the dental support organization. 

That’s why you must contact Triumphant Transition Partners and find out if a dental support organization is right for you! 

As your dental broker, we will….

  • Help You Understand The Value Of Your Practice
  • Show You Qualified Buyers From Our Private Buyers Network
  • Represent You Through The Process
  • Equip Your Attorneys With Relevant Practice Evaluation To Get You The Best Terms Possible!

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4 Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice

As a dentist, if you’re a solo or multi-practitioner, you likely have big plans for your career. You’ve successfully launched your business, but you probably want to ensure you reach your next goal. Planning for the future can help you grow your dental practice towards that next step, whether it’s a new associate dentist, a new location, or increased collections.

The problem, of course, is in the details. If you’re already busy trying to keep up with the number of patients and administrative work you need to accomplish, finding the time to think about how to grow your business might seem impossible. It is challenging, but with the proper planning, you can implement quick and impactful strategies to grow your business. 

Read on to Learn How to Grow Your Dental Practice!

Find the Right Patients

When looking to grow your dental practice, it’s important to not just think about finding new patients. The types of patients you find are a huge part of growing your dental practice. You likely see many patients for routine cleaning. This is an important part of dental health, but it’s not the only way to grow your dental practice. 

Improving your marketing to educate your patients about your services and find additional patients is critical. Your existing patients might see you for routine exams and cleanings, but they might not know about your additional services. Educating your existing patient base through your marketing efforts is key to growing your dental practice.

Additionally, you need to find ways to bring on new patients, ideally patients with the specialized needs your practice wants to see. Your marketing strategy, whether through email marketing, Pay-Per-Click advertising, or social media, will be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. 

Put More into Staffing & Hiring

Staffing and hiring are probably not what you think of when you think of growing a dental practice. After all, you might even be asking yourself what these focal areas have to do with growing a dental practice.

In factuality, staffing and hiring are often forgotten but critical elements of a successful practice. You can only be in so many places at once. As a dentist, you naturally want to be doing what only you can do, which is tending to the health needs of your patients. However, without the right staff around you, you might find yourself answering phones, scheduling follow-up appointments, and ordering replacement materials. These are all necessary parts of a growing dental practice, but they aren’t tasks you should do as a dentist. Hiring the right staff to assist means you can delegate these duties and focus on what you need to do.

The challenge, of course, is finding the time to tend to HR issues and hire properly. Hiring, vetting, and training take time, and you only have so much of that. Even once employees are successfully onboarded, you will likely need to serve as Chief Human Resources Officer and be responsible for their career advancement, retention, and routine HR asks. That can be a lot, especially if you are a solo practitioner. 

Increase Profitability with Operational Changes

Your operational efficiency is another often neglected strategy for growing a practice. You might be focusing on the number and quality of patients you’re seeing as a dentist, and those are great starting points for a dentist looking to grow their practice. However, it is just as important to focus on your operational efficiency. You likely aren’t an expert in operational processes, but you might need to develop a passing competency in the subject. The reason is pretty simple: your practice’s operational effectiveness directly impacts your bottom line.

Many dentists struggle with the realities of running a small business, and operations can often be one of the first areas to falter. Wasted time spent dealing with IT, logistics, and accounts payable issues can derail your practice. The errors don’t need to be insurmountable to have an impact. Outdated equipment that wastes your staff’s time. Delays in receiving key shipments of supplies. Lost calls from patients when you lack a competent call answering machine. 

Again, you likely recognize that you need to think like a business owner – not a dentist – when it comes to optimizing the practice. However, that is easier said than done.

Find the Right Partner

These are great ways to grow your dental practice, but you might struggle to implement them. After all, improving your marketing, hiring the best, and fine-tuning your operational processes requires time, effort, and money. If you’re barely treading water as a practice, you might not be able to implement any of these strategies to grow your practice, and your business will likely suffer for it.

That’s why bringing on a business partner can make a lot of sense. 

The right dental support organization or dental partner organization can be a great additional resource to bring alongside your practice.  A good dental support organization can …

  • Help Recruit and Hire Top Talent
  • Offer Additional Resources for Practice Updates
  • Manage Marketing and Customer Service
  • Streamline Procurement and IT 
  • Provide Additional Networking and Continuing Education

A dental support organization can make a lot of sense for a dentist looking to increase their collections and regain their nights and weekends. After all, if you could work less AND make more money, why wouldn’t you?  The right dental support organization can help you achieve that goal.

Now, it’s important to highlight one word: right. The simple fact of the matter is that the right dental support organization can be a huge boon for your practice. The wrong dental support organization can decrease your work satisfaction. Few things impact your sense of career fulfillment as drastically as a bad business partnership, and not all dental support organizations will fit your unique needs. 

That’s where a seasoned dental broker like Triumphant Transition Partners can help!

Our process is simple. We know the dental transition game better than anyone and have the resources you need to transition your practice to a dental support organization on your terms at your price! 

We will…

  • Help You Understand the Value of Your Practice
  • Present Your Practice to Our Private Buyers Network
  • Qualify Your Buyers 
  • Advise on Specifics of the Process
  • Equip Your Attorneys with Market Data to Achieve the Best Possible Terms at Close

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